My instagram page

I recently opened a new page of instagram where I post each day. You can give me a follow! Xoxo


A chandelier on an old street…

Hello. Today I made a hundred pictures. For me it is a tradition. I mean, every Sunday I go on the old streets, with old houses, full of history where they take pictures of anything. This picture is the half of a chandelier full of crystals .On one of these streets was a very chic restaurant so after taking dinner I made this picture.I hope you like it! See you tomorrow!

First blog post

This is my first post. Everything started with a simple picture and a camera. At that age I had a pretty old camera but that did not stop me from taking pictures. More than two years I received a pretty good camera . Currently my pictures are good but they might get mad with a DSLR. I’ll post these blogs every day, starting next week.